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Welcome to Bilston

 I.T. update .... we no longer have a Broadband connection speed of up to 150 Mbps - we've been upgraded and now have 350 Mbps
New to BCA Cultural Arts 
Pat McFadden is thinking of starting a ParkRun in East Park see here

Bilston Community Centre may be an old building but it has Modern Services including our I.T. Suite.and Easy Line Gym
See what our building used to look like inside here

Have you seen our Constitution? You can download a copy here

The Perils and Pitfalls of Upgrading Computers

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Karate (Shizen-Do Karate Kai )
YogaWe are pleased to announce that we currently in discussions with Wolverhampton City Council with a view to keeping our Centre open for at least another 5 years


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Fact !

Information received from Megan at Black Country Memories Club.
The rink did exist and was indeed near to the toll house at Stowheath. In 1910 Joseph Sankey held a tea party there for his sons coming of ageSo far we have discovered this Rink certainly did exist, and it was located near Hall Park Street. It appears it was active in 1910 and anecdotal information suggests it was still in use up to the 1930's since a 94 Year old remembers skating there.
What's so intriguing is why there's so little information about it and so few seem aware of it's existence.
If you or anyone you know has any information about it please let me know.

Old Clinic
'The Old Clinic' opened in 1940

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